Assistant Engineer’s Desk


I became a part of Pujali Municipality in 1995, when the office was in the midst of transformation with a 2-roomed, single storeyed building.
Today, Pujali Municipality has been embellished with a 2-storeyed Guest House and Picnic Park, a Marriage Hall, Sadan Building, an Old Age Home, and a spectacularly large office complex comprising 3 magnificent buildings.
The landmarks of urban facilities were the construction of a 22km concrete road, 11km drainage, and 700 operational street lights. In the Urban Housing and Services Sector, 1930 BSUP Housing and 2320 toilets have been constructed for the urban poor. A 19.95km pipeline has been set up as part of the Drinking Water Supply Project and a 1km decorated footpath and road for pedestrians, as part of aesthetic upgradation of the environment.
“Work is Worship’, the divine message is the inspiration of all our endeavours, along with the strong leadership of the Municipality.