Pujali Municipality, the most picturesque and smallest Urban Local Body among all others, is located on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River, in 24 Parganas district, within KMDA. “Small is beautiful”, as the poet says, Pujali is the embodiment of soothing greenery all around, engraving a niche in the
urban map of W.Bengal, creating imprints of eminence in the quality of life.
Founded in the year 1996, this ULB has been constantly striving for improvement of urban infrastructure and development activities. The projects already implemented are MatriSadan – with ancillary medical facilities, Picnic Parks, Guest House, Community Hall, Ward Office Buildings, Training-cum-Conference Halls, River transport facilities with jetty and station and about 1400 houses for poor etc.; the latest being A Home for the Aged People, awaiting
inauguration. The preparation of Draft Development plan and construction of houses under the KUSP Programme has been a landmark achievement in the state of W. Bengal. The supply of drinking water and sanitation arrangements for almost all households including slum dwellers, have been the prominent segments of our
long cherished objective in the Draft Development Plan(DDP).

The Municipality believes in inclusive growth with the efficacy of participatory planning and handholding support from the citizens of Pujali, comprising of 37063
people living within an 8.27sq.km area in 15 wards.

In the health sector, our Endeavour was focused at 100% coverage in the Pulse Polio Programme and the overall sanitation campaign beside other schemes.


The introduction of E-Governance with the synchronization of all departments has immensely strengthened our sprightliness to deliver the services right on time.